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Re: Modify: Object class violation

jeffrey_n_Dyke@Keane.com wrote:
> > http://www.openldap.org/faq/data/cache/650.html
> Thanks, Michael.  I did look at find and read both of these links before
> posting, but neither sheds any more light on why this particular error is
> showing up.

Realizing i'm may come off like a dult, but thats the only way i'll

>>Since you did not provide any details about the entry in question there's
>>possibility to give a more detailed answer.

attached is a dump of the variables after calling ldap_get_entries, with
some private info skewed.  Hopefully that is what you mean.  You'll see
that i can see the userpassword field, but surely i am not requesting it

>>You might wanna browse the entry in question with a LDAP client with
>>schema support. I guess the object class(es) do not allow attribute

Would you suggest a particular client?  i'm off do some more reading to
better understand
the whole process and the advice that you've given, as there is much i'm
unclear on.

I do appreciate the input.


(See attached file: entries.txt)

Ciao, Michael.

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