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Re: Modify: Object class violation

                      Michael Ströder                                                                                                   
                      <michael@stroeder        To:       jeffrey_n_Dyke@Keane.com                                                       
                      .com>                    cc:       openldap-software@OpenLDAP.org                                                 
                                               Subject:  Re: Modify: Object class violation                                             
                      03/04/2004 04:23                                                                                                  

jeffrey_n_Dyke@Keane.com wrote:
> I'm now tying to update Netscape LDAP password
> and getting a Warning: ldap_modify(): Modify: Object class violation when
> attempt to modify the userpassword attribute.  I can still modify any
> attribute, but just not hte passwords.



Thanks, Michael.  I did look at find and read both of these links before
posting, but neither sheds any more light on why this particular error is
showing up.  All i get for additional information(as the links state you
may get) is another line printing Object Class violation, which is does not
lend to any other useful info(i may just be dim).

Futher attempts at getting at this field have also failed.  I can not do a
compare the userpassword field.  It complains of "Compare: No such
attribute", but the userpassword field shows up in a query.  I realize its
not access levels, but without a better error message, i'm rather stumped.


> am curious if this would most likely mean that
> the ID that i'm binding with does not have access to change that
> attribute.


Ciao, Michael.