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How to make simple:tls work


I have been workingon Iplanet Directory server (IPDS)
on Soalris for almost a week now.  I got the simple
authentication method to work.  However, I wanted to
use TLS so that individual proxy authentication and
related transaction can be encrypted.  I simply wanted
to use proxy based username:password authetication but
over TLS.  

It seems that IPDS needs certificates in Netscapes DB
format.  I found that the certutil from
http://www.leerssen.com/certutil.html  will let me
create db files from the PEM files.  I used openSSL to
create certificates.  Essentially I created teh

1. CA certficate
2. LDAP server Certificate
3. LDAP Server key

I installed 1,2, and 3 on the LDAP server.  I
installed only 1 on the client.  Now this is where it
gets interesting.  I ran teh ldapsearch command as

ldapsearch -h ldap.cp.home -p 636 -Z -P
/var/ldap/cert7.db -D "cn=Directory manager" -w
password -b "dc=cp,dc=home"  

I was able to view the results of the search.  Next I
went on to run the ldapclient.  I used teh following:

ldapclient -v manual \
     -a credentialLevel=proxy \
     -a authenticationMethod=tls:simple \
     -a proxyDn=cn=proxyagent,ou=profile,dc=cp,dc=home
        -a proxypassword=password \
        -a certificatePath=/var/ldap \
     -a defaultSearchBase=dc=cp,dc=home \
     -a domainname=cp.home \
     -a followReferrals=true \
     -a defaultServerList=ldap.cp.home

Notice that I am specifying tls:simple as my auth
method.  Now things just fail even though the command
returns success!  Looking at /var/adm/messages, I see:

Mar  3 15:52:37 unknown ldap_cachemgr[6146]: [ID
293258 daemon.warning] libsldap: Status: 7  Mesg:
Session error no available conn.

When I run the ldapclient with "simple" in place of
"tls:simple"  all seems to work (like ldaplist).  When
using tls:simple nothing works!

So thats where everything has come to a grinding halt.
 Pls can one of you advise as to what I could be doing
to get this going?

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