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RE: Why can I bind twice w & w/o a password?

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> I created a user, cn=Thomas Gagne,dc=home,dc=lan, and gave him a
> password of "homelife".  I can successfully bind with and without a
> password.  I was looking at the output from ethereal and the
> responses
> to successive bind requests (both with and without passwords) are
> success!  Why would that be?

Just one of those weird quirks of the protocol. The protocol allows you to
Bind with a valid username and no password for informational/audit purposes.
The session is treated the same as an Anonymous session, the provided
username is logged (or not) and discarded. In current OpenLDAP releases these
password-less binds are disabled by default, and must explicitly be enabled
with "allow bind_anon_dn" in slapd.conf. You must be running an old release.

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