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Interactive LDAP

I wanted to introduce Ch LDAP, a new toolkit to help develop LDAP 
programs quickly, execute them interactively, and use them readily for 
CGI programming. This can all be done through Ch, an embeddable C/C++ 
interpreter which provides a superset of C. Ch LDAP is the Ch open source 
binding to the OpenLDAP C libraries and is available for Linux as well as 
Windows platforms. By using an interpreter, applications can be developed 
rapidly without the tedious compile/link/execute/debug cycles and with Ch 
CGI, existing C code can be readily used for CGI programming, allowing 
directory operations to be performed over the web. Ch is free for 
download at http://softintegration.com and Ch LDAP can be downloaded from 
http://chldap.sourceforge.net. Please feel free to contact me with any 

Joshua Liu