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Solaris - pam_check_host_attr and local logins


My requirements just got more complex. We have some
local accounts for batch processing that do remote
shells to this box for different tasks. I do not want
these users to be in LDAP. I also want to use the
pam_check_host_attr for non-local user access

The way I have it now an LDAP user may login but not a
local user. This is because of the requirement to make
the pam_check_host_attr feature work. 

I want my pie and to eat it too.

I am on Solaris 8, so I use the /etc/pam.conf file. I
have attached this file for your review.

Has anyone else done this on Solaris?

I found a reference to a possible solution but it only
seems to work on Redhat:


Does anyone know of a similar option for solaris? My
solaris box complains when I try this example.

I have the following compiled and installed


Your assistance is appreciated,


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