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Hi all, im working on an application to manage the IP addresses that we 
have been assigned to. I'm using the class ipHost and device:

dn: cn=CPU-0,ou=Devices,dc=xxx.....
objectClass: device
objectClass: ipHost
cn: CPU-0
description: Escritorio
manager: cn=Alejandro Leyva Rabinovich,dc=xxx....

I'm using an identificator (CPU-0), instead of the cname, because we are 
integrating our stock. But, the problem is that i cant index ipHostNumber 
with "sub", so i cant use a filter like "192.168*", how could i solve 


Alejandro Leyva Rabinovich.
Jefe de la Unidad Departamental de Soporte Técnico
(Administración de Mainframe).
Dirección General de Informática.
Secretaría de Finanzas.
Gobierno del Distrito Federal.