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Re: help, openldap-2.1.xx, host attribute - I try, try, try....and nothing :(

Toper wrote:

I tried ldapmodify, it didn't work:

What id wrong???
I must have host attribute to logon on selected hosts!!!
Help... Help... help... hel.... he..... h....

By now it's impossible to guess what you did wrong and you're stuck trying the same thing over and over again and not giving much helpful information. Whatever you have done to your schema is probably irreversible, so not worth troubleshooting.

Start again from scratch. Delete your modified schemata, put
back the original ones. Delete your tree, start with a fresh
one. This way you will only be fighting the actual problem,
not previous mistakes too.

First, think long and good whether you can use another attribute
instead of 'host'. If you can, use it.

If not, do 'grep -ir host /etc/openldap/schema/*'. See how many
host entries you have and whether they conflict in any way. For
example, one schema might say that host is an object class and
another that it is an attribute. Indeed, cosine says that host
is an attribute and your self-made schema from yesterday says it
is a structural object class. You can't do that. It will take you
far less time and far less annoyance to read up a bit on the basic
schema principles, than to convince slapd to accept something it
doesn't like.

Also, in one of yesterday's postings you created an object class
'host' with a (MAY host). That's circular: you cannot add an object
to itself. Don't do that either.

When you think that you've got your schema right, increase logging.
BTW, you can set loglevel to any value you want and you still won't
see any logs unless you define local4.* in your syslog.conf and
restart syslog.

Install the latest version of gq, that's 1.0.x. It gives nice
error messages, it shows you allowed and mandatory attributes
and it also gives you a much clearer overview of the relation
between different object classes and their attributes than you
can get by reading the raw schemata. Keep in mind that you must
have exactly one structural object class per object, no more,
no less.

Now use gq to add your entry. Experiment, watch the error messages
*and* the logs. Soon enough you will know exactly what is wrong.
When you do, post it here. And stop CC-ing your postings to people
on the list because then they get them twice.