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Re: Password Expriation Question

man, 01.03.2004 kl. 18.46 skrev Aaron M. Hirsch:

>   What I 'm wondering is why I'm
> not getting any notification that the password will be expiring in x
> number of days.

Which *nix utility had you expected would give you such notification?
How would it give it? By e-mail, if your LDAP user never logs into a
Unix shell? Telepathy?

Running RedHat RHEL3 with Openldap 2.2.6 and GQ 1.0b1, I have no problem
in making shadow-based password expiration work for Linux shell logins
or su, but LDAP-based utilities such as Mozilla (MUA) or Postfix (MTA)
don't take the blindest bit of notice of the shadow attribute - for them
it might never exist.



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