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Re: help, openldap-2.1.xx, host attribute - I try, try, try....and nothing :(

> sorry, I had badly read your first post
> in ldap an entry implements one or more objectclasses, which define the 
> attibutes the entry may or must contain
> maybe you should define your personOfAccount object class as you did 
> somewhere in your first post :
> 	objectclass (
> 	        NAME 'personOfAccount'
> 	        DESC 'inetOrgPerson with accounts on systems'
> 	        SUP inetOrgperson
> 	        STRUCTURAL
> 	        MAY ( host ) )
> but if you modify an entry to add the 'host' attribute, you must check 
> that this entry implements the 'personOfAccount' objectClass
> if it doesn't, you have to add this objectClass to the entry while 
> adding the host attribute
> test.ldif :
> 	dn: uid=nowak,ou=People,dc=ctlm,dc=pl
> 	changetype: modify
> 	add: objectClass
> 	add: personOfAccount
> 	add: host
> 	host: proxy
I have tried to do this, but it didn't work:

ldapadd: update failed: uid=nowak,ou=People,dc=ctlm,dc=pl
ldap_modify: Undefined attribute type (17)
        additional info: add: attribute type undefined