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Re: help, openldap-2.1.xx, host attribute - I try, try, try....and nothing :(

Toper a écrit :

a few solutions :
1) just remove your 'host' attribute definition, but not its reference in the 'personOfAccount' objectClass definition,
and check that the already-defined 'host' attribute match you
2) remove the reference to the file where the 'host' attribute was previously defined, if you don't need this file
3) define a 'host2' attribute, use it in your objectclass, and don't forget to use it in your test.ldif file

Thanks, I choosed solution 1 ;) and changed moja.schema:
objectclass ( NAME 'personalAccount'
SUP ( inetOrgPerson $ account ) STRUCTURAL )
objectClass (
NAME 'host'
DESC 'inetOrgPerson with accounts on systems'
SUP personalAccount
MAY ( host ) )
but ldapadd wrote:
modifying entry "uid=nowak,ou=People,dc=ctlm,dc=pl"
ldapadd: update failed: uid=nowak,ou=People,dc=ctlm,dc=pl
ldap_modify: Object class violation (65)
additional info: attribute 'host' not allowed
host attribute is in cosine.schema (included in slapd.conf)
What is wrong??? :((((((

sorry, I had badly read your first post

in ldap an entry implements one or more objectclasses, which define the attibutes the entry may or must contain
maybe you should define your personOfAccount object class as you did somewhere in your first post :

	objectclass (
	        NAME 'personOfAccount'
	        DESC 'inetOrgPerson with accounts on systems'
	        SUP inetOrgperson
	        MAY ( host ) )

but if you modify an entry to add the 'host' attribute, you must check that this entry implements the 'personOfAccount' objectClass
if it doesn't, you have to add this objectClass to the entry while adding the host attribute

test.ldif :

	dn: uid=nowak,ou=People,dc=ctlm,dc=pl
	changetype: modify
	add: objectClass
	add: personOfAccount
	add: host
	host: proxy