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Re: ssl not working with ldapsearch

En réponse à Jon Roberts <man@mentata.com>:



This is what I have done before , putting :
TLS_CACERT /path/to/my/cacert.pem into ldap.conf
but it still doesn' t work with "lam"

something I missed, sure ...


> Jon Roberts wrote:
> > Xavier Poirier wrote:
> > It probably gets the server cert fine, but can't get the CA
> cert. This
> > is to be expected if you created your own CA. Try the
> ldapsearch again
> > after adding the line:
> >
> > TLS_REQCERT never
> >
> > to your (applicable) ldap.conf file.
> Actually, I realized my mistake after sending this out. You
> can try
> this, but you probably don't want this line in your ldap.conf
> file
> ordinarily. More appropriate would be to add a line that
> defines your CA
> cert file:
> TLS_CACERT /path/to/your/cacert
> Sorry.
> Jon

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