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Re: syslog broken?, was Re: OL 2.2.6 - build problem ...

Tony Earnshaw writes:
> Good news for the RedHat RHEL3 users, is that support for syslog isn't
> broken for them.

I just recompiled 2.2.5 and syslog doesn't work also. But it used to,
so I don't know which upgrade broke things for me (make, gcc, etc).

Debian packaged slapd is working syslog-wise, so the syslog daemon and
conf files should be ok...

> I'm running 2.2.6 with DSO libs, can find no reference to any broken
> liboverlays.a in any binary or library.

Now this is strange. Are you sure your backends are DSO libs? Eg

--enable-bdb --with-bdb-module=dynamic

> Curiouser and curiouser.

Nice Alice quote :-)