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OL 2.2.6 - build problem w/ dynamic modules, strip libs


I'm having build problems when I try to compile OL 2.2.6 with dynamic
modules. Apparently the dependency system failed to take care of

Platform: Debian/Linux unstable, i386.

$ ./configure			\
--prefix=/usr/local/openldap	\
--enable-modules		\
--enable-dynamic		\
--enable-bdb			\
--with-bdb-module=dynamic       \
--enable-ldap			\
--with-ldap-module=dynamic      \
--enable-monitor		\
--with-monitor-module=dynamic   \
--enable-null			\
--with-null-module=dynamic      \
--enable-proctitle		\
--enable-shared			\
--enable-wrappers               \
--enable-syslog			\

$ make depend

$ make


cc -g -O2 .libs/slapdS.o -o .libs/slapd main.o globals.o config.o
daemon.o connection.o search.o filter.o add.o cr.o attr.o entry.o
backend.o result.o operation.o dn.o compare.o modify.o delete.o
modrdn.o ch_malloc.o value.o ava.o bind.o unbind.o abandon.o
filterentry.o phonetic.o acl.o str2filter.o aclparse.o init.o user.o
repl.o lock.o controls.o extended.o kerberos.o passwd.o schema.o
schema_check.o schema_init.o schema_prep.o schemaparse.o ad.o at.o
mr.o syntax.o oc.o saslauthz.o oidm.o starttls.o index.o sets.o
referral.o root_dse.o sasl.o module.o mra.o mods.o sl_malloc.o
limits.o backglue.o operational.o matchedValues.o cancel.o syncrepl.o
backover.o ctxcsn.o ldapsync.o sessionlog.o version.o -pthread
-Wl,--export-dynamic ../../libraries/liblunicode/liblunicode.a
../../libraries/liblber/.libs/liblber.so /usr/lib/libdb-4.2.so
/usr/lib/libsasl2.so -lssl -lcrypto -lresolv /usr/lib/libltdl.so -ldl
-lwrap -Wl,--rpath -Wl,/usr/local/openldap/lib

main.o(.text+0x55b): In function `main':

/usr/local/src/openldap-2.2.6/servers/slapd/main.c:503: undefined
reference to `overlay_init'

My previous build with static modules was ok. After `make install',
the binaries were stripped but the libraries weren't, I had to 

# strip lib/*