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Replication 2.1 -> 2.0

Hello everyone

I just subscribed, with a problem.

I have a 2.1 master and a 2.0 slave. The master is sufficiently
well-configured to send its changes to the slave. The slave puts
things like
   conn=5 op=6 RESULT tag=103 err=17 text=entryCSN: attribute type undefined
   conn=5 op=7 RESULT tag=105 err=17 text=entryUUID: attribute type undefined
in the logs and then does nothing.

That's reasonable. CSN and UUID are new to 2.1, so I can't very
well expect 2.0 to understand them. However, 2.1 probably knows
how to be considerate and respectful towards its parents, so
there is probably a way to tell it to not send CSN and UUID to
the replica.

Does anyone have a hint on how to tell 2.1 to please replicate
in 2.0 compatibility mode?