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Re: ldap_add: Naming violation (64)

--On Friday, February 27, 2004 5:40 PM +1100 King Lung Chiu <csklc@farrer.hpc.csiro.au> wrote:

Hi Quanah,

thanks for the reply,
Does that mean my dn shouldn't have been "dc=hpc,dc=csiro,dc=au"?

How do  I decide what format to use for a dn? (eg. quickstart example
from  openldap's site used "dn: dc=example,dc=com", whereas your post
above  seems to suggest it should be "dn: ou=example,dc=com")

It depends entirely on what you are doing. If hpc is an organizational unit, you should use ou. It would probably help to do some reading on schema's and LDAP schema design.


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