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Re: blank attribute value.

tor, 26.02.2004 kl. 16.23 skrev Jeremy Hallum:

> I'd like to create a blank attribute value in ldap, but when I try to do 
> so by just 
> having the entry:
> mountDirectory: 
> have no arguments, I get an error from slapadd.    How does one enter a 
> blank entry?  A short websearch did not give me any clues to this problem.

Do a *long* websearch ;)

You cannot add attributes of your own that you think you'd like to.
Attributes are defined previously in schemas and are members of
objectclasses that are defined previously. Go to the schema directory in
your config directory (if, in fact, you are running Openldap - you don't
say) and look around there.

Maybe you could use an existing nondescript attribute, such as

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