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Re: Logging add/delete/modify transactions

"Fortin, John {PBG}" <John.Fortin@pepsi.com> writes:

> Is there a way to log add/delete/modify transactions?  I've looked at the
> log level directives and none pop out as appropriate to do this.  
> I am replicating, so I have replog, but I'd like to track these changes in
> syslog if possible.

Depending on your OpenLDAP version either 2.1

ldapsearch -b "cn=Modify,cn=Completed,cn=Operations,cn=Monitor" \
 -s sub description

cn=Modify, cn=add, cn=delete

or 2.2
ldapsearch cn=Modify,cn=Operations,cn=Monitor -s sub \
 monitorOPInitiated monitorOPCompleted


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