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Re: blank attribute value.

Jeremy Hallum a écrit :

I'd like to create a blank attribute value in ldap, but when I try to do so by just having the entry:


have no arguments, I get an error from slapadd. How does one enter a blank entry? A short websearch did not give me any clues to this problem.

you can do this if the attribute syntax allows it
if it doesn't, then you can't

you shouldn't set the attribute at all, if it is not a required attibute.
It's more natural, if an attribute doesn't have value, not to have an attribute at all in the entry
so if you want to "erase" the attribute value, just remove the attribute from the entry
and then if you want it to have a value, just add it to the entry with its value

If the attribute is requiered in the objectClass and its syntax doesn't allow an empty value, you can't set an empty value for it.