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Re: Slave/Replica server authentication/authorization question

--On Wednesday, February 25, 2004 3:31 PM -0600 "Aaron M. Hirsch" <Aaron.Hirsch@atosorigin.com> wrote:

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Here are my ACL's on my master server...

access to attrs=userPassword,telephoneNumber,mobile,mail
~     by self write
~     by anonymous auth
~     by group.base="cn=ldapAdmin,dc=cellnet,dc=com" write
~     by * none

access to *
~     by group.base="cn=ldapAdmin,dc=cellnet,dc=com" write
~     by * read

However whenever I try to use these in the slave/replica, minus the
group.base entries, I can no longer log into my Linux machines.  When
I remove all ACL's from the slave/replica then logins work again.  So,
I'm really drawing blanks!  I'm wondering if I need to add the replica
user to the ACL's but am not sure that would help.

Back to digging... :)

Well, that makes sense to me. You are saying that the attribute userPassword is readable by nobody, so how can a server that is connecting check that attribute to verify login capability? I think you'd need at least compare on userpassword for anonymous (but I'm not sure, since we use Kerberos instead of passwords in the directory).


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