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RE: Limit on number of database that slapd can open?

If I start my server with one less database than the point where it fails - it only takes up 4.4 MB of memory according to top.  If I add one more database to the server, then I get the error.  I don't think that I am out of physical memory - as there are 3GB of real memory available.  And if each Berkeley database has its own cache, it doesn't seem like any one of them should be having memory problems.

I used to start this many databases with ldbm backends without an issue, so I know it is somehow tied to Berkeley.  I must be hitting the system limit of some memory related resources, from having so many Berkeley databases open at once, but I don't know what it would be - most of my ulimit settings are set to "unlimited".  

I'm running on RedHat 9.

Thanks in advance for any tips,