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Re: Unable to connect to OpenLDAP over SSL

Yasir Khan wrote:
I am using Netscape LDAP Java SDK 4.1. I am trying to connect to online OpenLDAP server running over SSL. LDAP Browser is successfully connected to the OpenLDAP server over SSL. But every time when I run my own code I get the following error.

To spare Kurt another post, I'll point out that unless this is an issue with OpenLDAP failing to provide SSL connections properly (a misconfiguration you could demonstrate with ldapsearch), this post is *off-topic*. Try posting to the netscape.public.mozilla.directory list on news.mozilla.org.

To bring it on topic, you could do the same thing with the (better IMHO) Novell JLDAP libraries with the following:

System.out.println("Creating LDAPS Connection");
LDAPConnection m_ldpCon = new LDAPConnection( new LDAPJSSESecureSocketFactory() );
m_ldpCon.connect("ldap.mydomain.org", 636);

Jon Roberts