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Re: Remapping user info per-system?

man, 23.02.2004 kl. 17.49 skrev Kirk Strauser:

> and so on.  Yes, I know that one solution is to install every possible shell
> into identical paths on each server, but that's just not a good option for
> any number of reasons.
> Can I do this?  If so, is there a common name for this that I can search for
> so that I can read up on it without pestering the list?

Let's take that right back to "proof of concept". If a Posix UID logs
in, he usually gets confronted with a .profile, right? That .profile he
has to go through to be able to log in.

Now the great test: Can you adapt that .profile to do what you want? I

With apologies to the denizens for the fact that this has *nothing* to
do with Openldap and has not been cross-posted to any other list, on
which it better can be answered.



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