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Re: [ldap] Internet scans on port 389

This topic is more appropriate discussed on the general LDAP
list <ldap@umich.edu> (which this message was cross posted to).
Please respond only to that list.


At 10:56 PM 2/22/2004, Tony Earnshaw wrote:
>Although the following has nothing to do directly with the vendor
>software used, it does have a bearing on how that software is
>It's worth mentioning that port 389 has reached the top 10 Internet
>ports being scanned (SANS ISC, http://isc.sans.org/). Why this should be
>is not reported.
>It might be as well to pay extra attention to your firewalling of this
>port, if your LDAP transactions involve sensitive information, and even
>to consider exclusively using TLS for transactions using this port.
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