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Re: Linux Authetification with openldap, pam_ldap and nss_ldap

> I'm trying to use openldap for authetification for all linux accounts, i.e. 
> the users are not in the passwd-file but on the ldap-server wich is in the 
> first step on the same server (localhost)
> I installed pam_ldap and nss_ldap! I put one user into the ldap tree (see 
> attached ldif-file). I made all the configuration according the documentation 
> of pam_ldap and nss_ldap.

This is **NOT** an OpenLDAP question.  Use the PAM/NSS lists at PADL.

> I can't login to my linux box with the user (mjordan) which is not in the 
> passwd-file, only on the ldap-user. I tried to debug a bit. 
> I see the ldap server is asked, the user found but from the login task there 
> is a 'login failed for user mjordan' in /var/log/messages. With ldapsearch I 
> can query the ldap server and get the entry for the specific user.
> So, what I am doing wrong! I would appreciate very much if someone of the ldap 
> gurus could give me a hint in the right direction. All google search an 
> mailing list archives could not solve this problem.

Please refernece the metric tons of available documentation on this
topic.  And I note the failure of your mention of nsswitch.conf;
possibly you setup PAM but forgot about NSS?