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Re: OpenLDAP 2.1.22 meta and bdb backend weirdness

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:

First of all,

the software you use is not up to date.  I strongly suggest
you use the latest release of OpenLDAP.

Moreover, a filter that logs "(&(mail=test)(!(?=false)))"
indicates a decoding failure, so either backend should
reject it.

That helped a lot, thanks!
Indeed, the Courier mail server had a bug and queried an attribute that wasn't in the schema. I've fixed that in Courier's code.

There's a bug in BDB backend, though. As can be seen it doesn't return an error code on decoding errors, while Meta backend does. If BDB were returning error code on those errors, the problem with Courier would be noticed instantly - Courier just wouldn't work.

Can you provide a more complete description
of the query you're trying to execute, e.g. what the
filter looks like on the client's side, or at (the very)
least in ber form?

The whole filter was hardcoded in Courier's source, it was:

The query looked for the "maildrop" attribute.

The filter was incorrect, as the default name of the attribute is now "mailsource", not "source", as defined in Courier schema and config files.

Thanks again for your reply! It helped track down that bug in Courier.

Best Regards,
Aleksander Adamowski
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