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Re: adding and modifying objects

Generally speaking, one is not suppose to modify a description
of a schema element once published.  This avoids problems caused
by having different descriptions of the same element in use.
Specifically, in OpenLDAP Software, changing schema descriptions can
cause breakage.  That is, one cannot expect the server to
behavior in a correct manner where one has made, incorrectly,
changes to schema descriptions.

At 09:20 AM 2/22/2004, Ottavio Campana wrote:
>What happens if I  associate an object to an entry in  the ldap tree and
>then I modify the schema of the  object and restart slapd? Does it still
>work and is the old object updated?  Or should I extract everything in a
>ldif file and then repopulate the tree?
>Second  question: can  I add  a new  objectClass to  an entry  after its

slapd(8) will allow augmentation of objectClass attribute with
addition/deletion of auxiliary classes.  One cannot, of course,
change the structural object class of the entry.