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RE: using ldap ssh, proftpd and apache.

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> I've used a lot ldap with samba to create multiple pdc.
> Now I want to use ldap for all my services.
> Let's suppose you've got a server with ssh, apache, proftpd,
> postfix, an
> imap  server,  a  webmail  and  squid. Every  user  will
> have  got  the
> possibility of using  the mailservices, I've read  the
> documentation for
> it and I know how to do it.
> But I don't want  that every user of the mailservices  can
> even use ssh,
> ftp and so on. So I'd like to know if there's a way to store
> in ldap the
> information about the  possibility of logging in with  ssh,
> upload files
> with proftpd,  use the proxy, accessing  parte of the
> websites  using an
> autetication system with apache.
> The  documentation of  proftpd says  that it  can connect
> with an  ldap
> server  but  I cannot  find  a  way to  limit  the  access to
>  the  only
> autorizated users.
> For squid, ssh and apache I don't have got any idea.
> The  only  possible  solution  I've  found  is that  if  I
> use  pam  to
> autenticate  my  users  I  just  can put  something  like
> this  in  the
> configuration files:
> auth required pam_ldap.so filter=(uid=*a*)
> So I could add some fields  to my users like UserCanLogin,
> UserCanDoFtp,
> UserCanUseProxy and then filter them upon their values. But
> in this case
> I still  have got a trouble:  should I write a  schema on my
> own  to get
> these entries  or does anyone of  you know if there's
> something already
> done?

Symas' Unix LDAP gateway has attributes for Login/FTP privilege but in
general this is something that each application defines on its own. Apache
has a variety of authorization engines; ssh has its own authorization
mechanism as well. Whether they can pull their authorization data out of LDAP
is somewhat of an open question; last I checked sshd only uses local config

This question has nothing specific to do with OpenLDAP software. I don't
think it really belongs on the ldap@umich.edu list either, more appropriately
it should be raised on support forums for each of the software packages you
intend to use.

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