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Re: email schema

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Dear Seth,

This is not the list for questions about email schema's. 

This mailing list is for technical discussions related to the use of OpenLDAP 
Software (as well as JLDAP and JDBC-LDAP). All users of OpenLDAP Software 
should subscribe to this list.

That said, maybe you can find better answers on one of the lists for MTA's. 

Personally I recommend qmail-ldap (www.qmail-ldap.org) but there are similar 
lists for Postfix, Exim, etc etc etc and even Sendmail.

The question wether some attribute is multi or single valued has no relation 
with the operation of openLDAP itself.

All that said, I think mailHost means something different then you think.
At least in qmail-ldap, mailHost means 'the host where mail for this user is 
delivered' and has only meaning in clusters.

What you refer to, I think, is mailAlternateAddresses (again, this is 
qmail-ldap, you might find other schema's in other MTA's).

mailAlternateAddress is multivalued and can handle as much aliases as you 

Please don't discuss this issue on this list - if you must, please reply in 
private, or even better, find a list that is better suited for your 

Many greetings,


> Why in all of the drafts, is the mailHost single-valued?  Every MTA
> I have used allows the LHS of an alias to be multi-valued, ie:
> sjh: sjh@server1, sjh@server2
> I'd like to go to using LDAP, and try to stick to a fairly standard
> way of doing it, but this one thing is holding me back...
> -Seth

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