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RE: OpenLdap problem with Paging and Sun JNDI booster pack

FYI - IBM's ldap server has the same behavior - not giving you a valid cookie unless you have first iterated over the results.  We too spent a long time trying to figure this out, as it is undocumented in the few examples we found of paging results.

The new version Softerra Ldap Browser also supports paging now - this is handy for testing things (at least for us).

We also have some strange behavior occurring with paging - when we search on certain nodes with paging turned on, slapd goes nuts and starts iterating over every single item in the database (according to the debug output) which you can imagine ruins performance.  If we turn paging off, the search works perfectly.  We are still struggling to understand why - we have multiple large databases with the same structure, and it happens all the time on some, but never on others.  I hope to be able to write up a useful bug report about it sometime next week, but first I need to figure out a way to reproduce it on a smaller scale, and capture the relevant portions of the debug output.