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Re: Trying to restore ldap database

Campbell McKilligan wrote:
> I have an image on CDs of all the partitions from a RedHat 8.0 Server
> which crashed - includes /etc/openldap /var/lib/ldap and so on.
> Unfortunately it doesn't include a very recent ldif dump.
> The ldap running on the server was:
> openldap... 2.0.25-1
> db4-4.0.14-14
> The new server is Fedora Core 1 running:
> openldap... 2.1.22-8
> db4-4.1.25-14
> The ldap service is up and running fine.
> Is there a way to populate/migrate the new server with the records from
> the old server?  I can install the previous version of openldap if there
> is more hope of doing it that way.
> A quick glance at the /var/lib/ldap directory shows me that the old
> server had .gdbm files and the new one seems to be creating .dbb files.

2.1.22-8 should contain:

Which, if you place the configs and the data files back where they were,
may be able to give you an ldif dump, which you should import with slapadd.


Buchan Milne
Senior Support Technician
Obsidian Systems