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RE: Simple Paged Results Extension - SOLVED.

> 1. I needed 'database bdb' instead of 'database ldbm' to get the simple
> paged results extension to work.
> 2. 'database bdb' does not work if 'suffix ""', however 'suffix ""'
> works if 'database ldbm'.
> I would be nice if either 'suffix ""' worked regardless of the backend
> database (i.e. this is a bug),

I'm afraid it is.

> or if 'suffix ""' was completely
> unsupported and didn't work ever.

Unfortunately, it's needed by some special users;
at this point I really think we need an ITS; I'll
open it.

> Thanks so much for the help, Pierangelo Masarati!

You're welcome!

Pierangelo Masarati