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Re: ldapadd problem

Naw, you're getting away with it because you have the right samba schema files 
(sambaSamAccount is from samba 3.x).

But you probably will find your objectClass hierarchy is broken when you switch 
up to 2.1.25...  Be ready to spend some time with slapcat/slapadd and your 
favorite scripting language, and it shouldn't hurt too much.

I've been loading 2.1.25 from Juri's .rpms on RHEL3 machines and they seem to 
be working OK so far.  I don't have it under full production load yet, though.


On 18 Feb 2004 at 9:41, Craig White wrote:
> ---
> I have a fully populated directory and I'm doing exactly that - all
> users are inetOrgPerson, sambaSamAccount and posixAccount objectclasses.
> Am I getting away with this because I am using openldap 2.07 (RH AS 3)
> and I will be in a world of hurt when it upgrades to 2.1/2.2?
> Craig