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Segmantation fault while using slapadd

Dear list members ,

I am importing a huge database from ldap 2.0.x ldbm to 2.1.25 bdb. The import schema is the following:
1. Export old database using slapcat to an ldif file
2. make changes using external software to the ldif file (adding structural object)
3. import to the new ldap server (2.1.25) the ldif file using slapadd

The import works o.k. for a while without any problems and after a while it fails with the error Segmentation fault !!
I even run it in a verbose mode and it did not show any errors just confirmed adding objects and than suddenly it falls with a
Segmentation fault !
I also tried it on a different computer but it continues to fall with the same error (at different locations of the process)

It produces a core dump which I can provide upon request.

thanks in advance for your kind help.

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