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RE: Slapadd out of order ldif files

FYI - 

We ended writing a utility (in java) to properly order ldif files - we may be able to release it publicly if someone else needs it.

I have yet to figure out if the problem with slapadd is the fact that my ldif files are out of order - or if it is segfaulting because of odd carriage returns that slapcat put in my file.

For some reason the output from slapcat has carriage returns throughout the file that chop lines at 80 characters.

Since our java sorting tool sorts and re-does the line returns at the same time, I can't find out for sure which one was causing the segfaults.  In the end, however, I can finally load our 1.5 GB ldif file into a bdb backend without it segfaulting.


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Subject: Slapadd out of order ldif files

I am experiencing segmentation faults with slapadd when loading ldif files that have out of order entries - even files that slapcat creates - so I know that my file format should be correct.

I detailed more of the segmentation faults in this thread on the bugs list:


I checked out the HEAD from cvs today, and still get the same results.

Has anyone else ever dealt with this/found a way to fix it?  Has anyone ever created a tool to properly order on ldif file?

This is a show stopper for me since we have outgrown ldbm, and I can't transfer the data to a bdb database.

I can't find any documentation on the new hql? database online - is there any published yet?  Is it complete enough to be used?