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Re: Simple Paging in OpenLdap 2.2.5

> Hi there,
> Could anyone give me an example of how to use paging with a set of
> results from OpenLdap? Version 2.2.5 is supposed to support paging
> according to the roadmap and I cant seem to get it working at all. If
> this is not the correct list to post such questions- please could you
> direct me to a more
> appropriate list.
> Any client code (in any langauge) that showed connecting to OpenLdap and
> paging through a set of results would be useful. I've already tried it
> with JNDI to no avail.

look at clients/tools/ldpasearch; you'll see hoe the control
is set, with its parameters; you can also try it out of the box.


Pierangelo Masarati