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slapcat question

I had a recent situation where the performance of my OpenLDAP server was "in the bucket". Searches took far to long (up to 10 minutes), and logins were painfully slow.
I shut down the server, and ran slapindex last night, and it cleared the problems up. So, it would appear that it was just an index issue.

So that raises a question:
How often should slapindex be run, to maintain a well performing database?
In my case, I have just over 70,000 user IDs, with users being added/deleted on a fairly regular basis (I update against another server 3 times a day). With that amount of churn, should I look to run slapindex on a weekly basis? Or would once a month be enough?
I don't want to just "wait until it's running slow" to run it. I'd like it to be a regular maintenance item.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Thank you!