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Re: OpenLDAP and BIG mail environments

In my never ending search to try to get my performance back to normal,
I implemented some of the slapd.conf changes that Quanah indicated
were working in his environment.

I moved my threads down from 64 to 32

I set my idletimeout to 30 (it wasn't set)

I added checkpoint 1024 5

I brought my cachesize up to 10000 (from 2000)

This shot my load up considerably, not sure what was causing it, I
put everything back (except I increased my cache to 3500 instead of
2000 and left the threads at 32) and the load came back down. 

I can't really figure out where in the background things are having
problems, I had about 4 slapd processes that were in "R" state chewing
95% of the CPU, and wouldn't die when I tried to restart. Memory was
95% used, swap was only 5% used.