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A big thank you

Over the weekend, I converted our master LDAP directory from back-ldbm to
back-bdb. Everything's gone splendidly, not just with that conversion,
but with our entire year-long LDAP implementation, thanks to the FAQ,
the Admin Guide, the list archives, the developers, and especially to
all of you who have posted answers to back-bdb and RedHat 9 questions
over the last several months. My sincere thanks to you all. As far as
I'm concerned, OpenLDAP is a jewel in the open source crown.

Our setup:

OpenLDAP 2.1.25
Berkeley DB 4.2.52 + 1 patch
RedHat 9.0

# slapd_db_stat -m | egrep "(Clean|pages found)" | head -2
19M     Requested pages found in the cache (100%).
10832   Clean pages forced from the cache.

Kirk Turner-Rustin
Information Systems
Ohio Wesleyan University