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Re: lots of big files in bdb directory

man, 16.02.2004 kl. 12.45 skrev Jukka Salmi:

> on a Linux system running OpenLDAP 2.1.23 I noticed the directory which
> I specified in the 'directory' statement of a bdb database containing
> lots of files matching log\.[0-9]{10}, starting with log.0000000001.
> Each of these files is 10MB.
> What are these files for? I'd like to delete some of them because I'm
> running out of disk space.

They are transaction log files. Read the BDB html docs for
db_checkpoint, db_recover and db_archive *very* carefully, especially the
archival and recovery links at the bottom of db_recover . Make sure
actual log files have been checkpointed and you know which DB files have
to be backed up for a catastrophe recovery (and preferably that you have
a slapcat'ted ldif file to fall back on if all else fails; after that,
you should be able to remove or replace the log files that are not
needed any more. I've built an entire database before, simply from the
latest log file and db_recover -c, but a good backup routine is



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