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Re: How to make a "symbolic link" in openldap ?

Freerk Bosscha <f.j.bosscha@nhl.nl> writes:

> To all,
> Currently we have an openldap (v.2.2) running with the complete 
> students and employees in it.
> Because an employee can be employed to multiple departments, I would 
> like to make a "symbolic link" in the ldap tree from a second 
> department-entry to the main entry.
> For example:
> current dn:
> dn: cn=Boer F.J. de,ou=economie,ou=personeel,o=NHL,c=NL
> dn: cn=Boer F.J. de,ou=techniek,ou=personeel,o=NHL,c=NL
> I think it should not be to difficult ?

Create an alias object and allow the clients to follow referrals. 


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