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Re: how to get all dn

  slapcat | sed -n 's/^dn: //p'     dump id2entry.dbb, but in my server ,the id2entry.dbb is larger than 9GB, and slapcat only can dump 45% entries .

G醔or L閚醨t <lgb@lgb.hu> wrote:

maybe: slapcat | sed -n 's/^dn: //p'

On Tue, Feb 10, 2004 at 09:19:46PM -0800, james wrote:
> Can I using : strings dn2id.dbb > all_dn.txt
> to get all dn on my OpenLDAP server?
> OS:RH linux 7.3, using BerkelyDB as back end .

- G醔or (larta'H)

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