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Re: OpenLDAP and BIG mail environments

On Thu, 2004-02-12 at 10:13, Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:
> We have approximately 50k accounts that get mail delivered to on a daily 
> basis.  We use openldap as our backend for maildrop lookups.  There are 3 
> OpenLDAP servers dedicated to this purpose.  We are using sendmail right 
> now instead of postfix (but are in the process of upgrading).  Our servers 
> have been able to handle the daily load without problem.  I will also note 
> that about 50% of our email is spam, so that is on top of the 50k actual 
> accounts that exist.  We get over 1 million queries a day per server (so 
> over 3 million queries a day) last I checked.  The OpenLDAP servers handle 
> this without complaint.

Another random datapoint:

Around 60k accounts, 250k mails received per day, 80% of which is nuked
at the MTA (postfix). A single (replicated!) LDAP server is used for
authentication, domain and mailbox lookup for postfix and Courier POP +
IMAP, running OpenLDAP 2.0.23 with the ldbm backend (though there's a
Debian backport of 2.1 built against db2.4 now so I'll be testing that
thoroughly soon).

Scaling the LDAP side of it is the absolute least of our worries, given
that it's breezing along just fine with only one machine doing the front
end work. We have plenty more accounts to move onto the system, and we
can always throw another machine at it.

*Really* big fan of OpenLDAP. :-)
- Jeff

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