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RE: LDAP functions in PHP

Install ethereal on your LDAP or PHP server and follow the network traffic.
Ethereal will show and dissect all LDAP messages (provided they are not
See http://www.ethereal.com/ <http://www.ethereal.com/> 
Erik Devriendt

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Subject: LDAP functions in PHP

I am using RedHat Enterprise Linux 3 ES, Apache 2.0.48, PHP 4, OpenLDAP
2.25. I can create entries like cn=xxx, ou=xxxx,o=xxxxx using PHP functions.
But when I try to add entries like uid=xxx, cn=xxx, ou=xxxx,o=xxxx PHP says
success. But the entry is not added to the database. I can add the similar
entries using ldapadd and ldif files. Anyone has this problem ? Appreciate
any help.