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RE: LDAP functions in PHP

It seems you likely have PHP related programing problems as
well as OpenLDAP configuration problems.  You need to isolate
the problems from each other so that you can bring the right
problem to the right list (PHP problems to the PHP list,
OpenLDAP problems to the OpenLDAP list).  The best way to do
that, I think, is to try to duplicate each using OpenLDAP
provided command line tools.  If you can, then you can
resolve issues with the use of those tools through resources
available at this site (docs, faq, archives, and lastly this
list).  If you cannot, then the problem is with your PHP
program and you should use PHP resources (doc, faq, archives,
and lastly the PHP list).


At 04:49 AM 2/11/2004, Chakravarthy Cuddapah wrote:
>Hi Machael,
>Sorry about that. I looked at php.net forum also without any success. The reason I posted at this forum is it worked fine with prev version of openldap and failed in the latest release. I am thinking that I might have missed something (thoroughly checked ./configure --help) while compiling openldap and thought someone might point it out.  Anyways sorry about that.
>From: Michael Ströder
>Sent: Wed 2/11/2004 6:46 AM
>To: openldap-software@OpenLDAP.org
>Cc: Chakravarthy Cuddapah
>Subject: Re: LDAP functions in PHP
>Please take this discussion to an appropriate forum.
>This list openldap-software@OpenLDAP.org is not dedicated for discussing PHP 
>programming issues nor is the LDAP module for PHP part of the OpenLDAP project.
>Please have a look on http://www.php.net/ldap
>Ciao, Michael.