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Rif: Re: Slapd stops working after a NOT graceful shutdown

I want to avoid DB failure after a crash: it looks like something
One of the replica servers uses OpenLDAP 2.0.27 with an earlier version of
BDB, and it has never had this kind of problem in the past.

I'm wondering if there is a configuration issue to take into account in the
BDB 4.1.25 in order to prevent such situation.


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Da: Medievalist
Data: lunedì 09 febbraio 2004 19.19.43
A: openldap-software@OpenLDAP.org
Oggetto: Re: Slapd stops working after a NOT graceful shutdown

Personally, I'm *glad* OpenLDAP doesn't want to work with a corrupted

Here are two possible solutions to your problem:

1) Every time you modify your LDAP database, make a fresh backup, and build 
a new fresh database from the most recent backup every time you boot up.
will increase your bootup time and won't address any other problems.

2) Buy an uninteruptible power supply. This will solve other problems you 
haven't noticed yet. *nix software is not designed to survive powerfails.

Note, your hardware will eventually burn up from voltage spikes caused by
failures if you don't get some kind of power conditioning. So if you think
UPS is too expensive, you are probably fooling yourself!

If you have more questions about recovering corrupted databases you need to
the vendors of your database (Red Hat or more likely Sleepycat). Your
software appears to be working correctly.


On 9 Feb 2004 at 18:24, Walter Vendraminetto wrote:

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Subject: Slapd stops working after a NOT graceful shutdown
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> I'd like to solve a problem which I faced few months ago.
> When the server (RH 7.3) is shut down because of power black-out (UPS not
> working properly) or brutal reset the LDAP service does not work anymore.
> have to slapcat the database and rebuild it to make the service work again

> Even if it does not happen often (last time this morning) I want to fix it

> I think it's a matter concerning the back-end configuration but I'm in
> trouble on how to proceed: the only option set in the DB_CONFIG is the 
> set_cachesize'.
> How can I debug it ? I saved the 'corrupted' DB files ... 
> thank you very much
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