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Re: Slapd stops working after a NOT graceful shutdown


"Walter Vendraminetto" <lists@zonatex.net> writes:

> I'd like to solve a problem which I faced few months ago.
> When the server (RH 7.3) is shut down because of power black-out (UPS not
> working properly) or brutal reset the LDAP service does not work anymore. I
> have to slapcat the database and rebuild it to make the service work again.
> Even if it does not happen often (last time this morning) I want to fix it.
> I think it's a matter concerning the back-end configuration but I'm in
> trouble on how to proceed: the only option set in the DB_CONFIG is the 
> set_cachesize'.
> How can I debug it ? I saved the 'corrupted' DB files ... 

If you have a bdb backend, just run BerkleyDB's db_recover -h
If you have a ldbm backend, delete your database and do a slapdadd
with your backup file.


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