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Re: Slapd stops working after a NOT graceful shutdown

Salute, Walter,

What do you mean when saying "LDAP service does not work anymore"? You can not start it? Or you can start it but it hangs? Or what?

I assume you use bdb backend, right? Otherwise what for would you need DB_CONFIG? Since you've got bdb as backend you have deatailed instructions of howto backup/restore/tune your backend in the BerkeleyDB documentation, namely here: http://www.sleepycat.com/docs/ref/toc.html,
Chapter 12.

Best regards, vadim tarassov.

Walter Vendraminetto wrote:

I'd like to solve a problem which I faced few months ago.

When the server (RH 7.3) is shut down because of power black-out (UPS not
working properly) or brutal reset the LDAP service does not work anymore. I
have to slapcat the database and rebuild it to make the service work again.

Even if it does not happen often (last time this morning) I want to fix it.
I think it's a matter concerning the back-end configuration but I'm in
trouble on how to proceed: the only option set in the DB_CONFIG is the set_cachesize'.
How can I debug it ? I saved the 'corrupted' DB files ...

thank you very much

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