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Re: Can openldap do fan-out authentication?

> > meta is just that - meta.  It will create a single unified tree from
> > multiple disparate trees,  thus you can authenticate against the
> > meta-backend and be verifing against all the trees.  The issue isn't
> > really authentication but constructing a single point for authentication
> > information that contains all the disperate systems - which is what meta
> > does.
> That sounds like exactly what I want.  How do you set the search order?
> We have a lot of data overlap between trees, and would like to search
> the most likely one first.

Via the rules you define for the meta backend.  See "man slapd-meta"

> Has anyone actually used back-meta for this purpose?  I'm still looking
> for a nice example.

The manual contains some simple examples.