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Re: Make Test Problems


On Friday 06 February 2004 08:31, Shannon Sariman wrote:
> I am new to this list and also to OpenLDAP. Before posting this message to
> this list I have consulted the FAQs and realised I needed more specific
> help. When running a "make test" I get the following error(s):
> [...]
> slap_sasl_init: SASL version mismatch, got 201000a, wanted 2010011.
> [...]

the line above from the master.log file shows the problem.

You compiled OpenLDAP against cyrus-sasl 2.1.17 (= 2010011) but during the 
tests the dynamic linker finds only syrus-sasl 2.1.10 (= 2010011).

It ssems like your build environment is a bit out of order.
(Maybe you have 2.1.17 headers but only 2.1.10 libraries ...)


Peter Marschall
eMail: peter@adpm.de